About Gavin Tollman


The international travel industry businessman Gavin Tollman was born in October 1963 in South Africa. He has an academic degree in finance from the Kogod School of Business, one of the six main schools of the American University, a private doctoral institution located in the American capital of Washington D.C.; he also holds a Travel Counselor Certification (CTC).

Gavin Tollman now lives in Geneva, Switzerland and enjoys practicing yoga, playing tennis, watching movies and listening to music.

Professional Experience

Gavin Tollman’s career in the travel business took off in 1987, when he was appointed executive vice president of the Buckhead Hotel Management Company.

Today Gavin Tollman is the Trafalgar Tours Chief Executive Officer, and as such he is in charge of overseeing all of the company’s activities including its marketing, sales and business development operations.

Trafalgar Tours is one of two-dozen international tourism brands that are daughter companies of the Tollman-family-owned international travel group, The Travel Corporation. The Travel Corporation is a travel group that includes several international companies. The corporation employs a staff of 4,000 in more than forty offices that are spread out across five continents. Trafalgar Tours specializes in planning and arranging tailor-made holidays to destinations the world over, such as Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and more. Gavin Tollman believes that the company’s goal to create a hassle-free travel experience for its clients will revolutionize the entire travel industry.

Before being named CEO, Gavin Tollman was Trafalgar Tours global head of sales. Previous to that post, he was the president of Trafalgar Tours USA. During his tenure at Trafalgar Tours USA, the company expanded and grew to become the leading European tour operator in the US.

Mr. Tollman is also the chairman of The Travel Corporation South Africa and is responsible for all of the corporation’s activities in the southern hemisphere and South Africa. He is also responsible for the administration and oversight of the corporation’s global web strategy and its business development.

Gavin Tollman recently attended The Travel Corporation Global Conference in October of 2010. The conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa and hosted more than 350 global tourism business leaders. During the one-week conference Mr. Tollman emphasized the importance of developing tourism to South Africa.

Galvin Tollman is also involved with other travel and tourism operations, such as Wilderness Safaris and Cullinan Holdings Limited, where he serves as non-executive director. Wilderness Safaris is a conservation and ecotourism company dedicated to responsible tourism in southern Africa. Cullinan Holdings is a South African tourism and leisure group.

Giving Back

Mr. Tollman believes that corporations have a role in creating more than just a business impact, but also a social impact. He remains committed to assisting causes that support South Africa’s impoverished families, and has organized such events as recruiting The Travel Corporation employees to build 21 Wendy Houses for poor South Africans in the townships around Cape Town.


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